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Katharina Jay DAEP 07788 213801
Professional Hoofcare with The Horse in Mind
About Me

     I am a fully qualified and insured DAEP (Degree in Applied Equine Podiatry) living near Watlington in Oxfordshire. With over 20 years experience maintaining my own horses podiatry needs, and 10 years experience as a professional full time Applied Equine Podiatrist.

      I believe in treating all horses with compassion and patience, allowing them time to offer me their feet, whilst building a trusting relationship, listening to them and their needs. 

       My two horses have taught me so much over the years, and I have gained experience in many areas of Natural Horsemanship, and developed my own ideas,  successfully utilizing these kindness based techniques to help owners with very difficult and 'aggressive' horses. 

'My horse Star was abused as a youngster, and thought nothing of lashing out with a hind foot when I first got her. We couldn't even pick out her feet for months! But Kat was amazing and so we took it at her pace. Letting Star gain confidence and relax over time. Now she's like a different horse-she stands like an angel in the field and that's entirely because of Kat's patience and understanding of Star's character, her experiences and what she needed in order to trust a trimmer. I cannot recommend her enough!.'

                                                                                                       - Anna Walton

   My interests include hacking, natural horsemanship, dressage, and especially love freestyle and liberty. I run a thriving hoofcare practice covering Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. I am a huge animal lover, and like to spend the time and energy on the animals I work with, providing an enjoyable experience and giving the horse the time and respect they deserve. 




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