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Professional Hoofcare with The Horse in Mind
Photos and Testimonials

Before and after pics:


       Gracie Jones LH  (KWPN)                                      RF



            Beze RF  (WB)                              Gorgeous George LF (COB x)


               Curro LF (PRE)                                            Bunny RF (TB x)


          Esquire LH (TB)                                                            Polly LF (TB)


                 Skye RF                                                        Leo LF (ID)


           Dudley LF (Sec D)                                                                   Robin LH


‘Kat helped transition my 22 year old dressage horse who has been shod all his life to being sound, happy and ridden without shoes.  As such, it was natural that when I took on two seven month old foals, Kat would be looking after their little hooves!  She works very conscientiously and made the first experience with the foals one which included lots of cuddles and finding all the best spots to scratch, especially for the one foal who hadn’t been handled much in her previous home.  Taking her time, working through stages logically and being very horse-savvy, the foals stayed totally relaxed throughout the process and there was no fighting or stress. 


Kat uses the principle of advance and retreat to great effect, and was able to trim all eight hooves so they were balanced, which is important for the development of the foals as they grow.  Having it be a very positive experience when they are so young means that you set them up for a life of knowing that having their feet handled and trimmed is not something to be worried about, but rather is a bit of ‘pampering time’!  It has been fantastic working with Kat with the youngsters and I am confident she will help keep their hooves in tip-top condition for many years to come.  I heartily recommend her.

Jessica Martin BHSAI-

'Sascha's transition has exceeded my expectations of barefoot. She is going beautifully and has remained sound throughout. Her WLD and sandcracks have cleared completely within a 12 week period and her whole physique has improved dramatically. Kat's friendly and professional attitude has been a pleasure to work with.'

Liz Beddows-

'Kat has looked after my two horses and ponies since Nov 2011 and seen them through the transition. She is always calm and unhurried and has been readily available to answer any queries or concerns I had, ensuring the horses' welfare always came first.
My daughter and I compete mainly at Trec and 2012 saw us compete barefoot for the season, culminating in qualifying for the 2013 championships.
this winter we have done some show jumping and dressage and came home with Rosettes, many of them red!
I have been amazed at the improvement in my horses' feet and would certainly recommend Kat.'


Here are some photos showing some of the horses I have worked with, some photos of healthy feet and feet showing pathologies:

 Working in Spain


Applying the HPT Method for India in Spain, whilst her gorgeous filly Flicker watches intently.


Hooves showing DHS (Deformed Hoof Syndrome)

A contracted foot, typical of the Iberian breeds. 



These photos show a horse I saw at an equestrian show in Spain. They show severe DHS, in the form of contracted hooves. The heels are so contracted that the frog is almost non-existent. As we know, lack of a healthy frog results in lack of a healthy digital cushion and ungular cartilage. As a result the entire back half of the foot is suffering extreme poor health and lack of structure (the dorsal aspect is not much better). Notice the quarter crack beginning to show on this hoof, severely distorted coronary band, stress rings, poor wall health and the results of overall lack of correct stimulus and distortion to the entire foot.


This picture shows the caudal aspect of the hoof and highlights the extreme poor health of all the soft tissue at the palmar aspect of the hoof. You cannot even see any cartilage  and the heels have contracted to such an extent that there is also little digital cushion to speak of. When you consider the theory of the Phases of the Stride, the Internal Arch and the Suspension Theory of Hoof Dynamics, it is a wonder this horse remains sound and does not show any signs of terminal pathologies (yet). 

Cases of Neglect:

This foot belongs to a TB x I visited in August 2011, she had apparently been shod just 3 weeks previously! Unfortunately her owners did not employ me to fix these feet due to funds and time. Let's hope they at least found a better Farrier!

Polly a 22 year old TB X

An under-run foot, typical of the Thoroughbred type.




The photos above show the left fore of a TB x mare,  the owner is concerned as she has extremely thin soles and is exhibiting sensitivity to pin-point pressure. She is showing crushed heels, poor quality of wall (both inner and outer), bacterial infection is present in the wall and white line, and there is very little hoof for the farrier to work with. This foot shows as a 2 on the spectrum of usability.


1 year later



Boo's Right Front

Here are some photos of my horse's right front foot, showing a medium to high spectrum rating. This horse shows good health of structure and does well shoeless. Notice that the ungular cartilage is visibly protruding above the coronary band in contrast to the hoof above, along with the perfectly formed (straight) coronary band.






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